Wanted Left front motor mount bracket for late 1991-1992 FJ80, 3FE with 90 amp (no ext fan) alternator and upper alternator mount bracket for same.

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Apr 7, 2006
In the Forest
These are NLA new. The motor mount bracket is the essential piece. Thanks.
Part number 12511-61070 (for the 90 amp alternator) as shown in the pdf doc is what I need.
The first photo is the 80amp LH eng/lower alternator mount. The calipers show the dimension that's too wide for the 90 amp alternator.
The 90 amp mount I need is similar, but the rear web is closer to the front.
The second photo shows the measurement in millimeters of the 90 amp alternator that the mount needs to accommodate.
The third photo is the upper alternator mount bracket for the 80 amp alternator. The 90 amp bracket I'd like to get is similar, but the little tab is longer with a small brace.


  • engine mount 90amp alternator.pdf
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lower alt mount spacing 80 amp.jpg
The 90 amp version I would like to get has a longer tab to space the tensioning bolt further away from the arm than this one.

alt bracket for 80 amp.jpg

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