Leaf Spring Center Pin - M-416

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Apr 2, 2009
So I am rebuilding my M-416 and got a new 3500 lb custom width axle from texas trailer. I burned my new spring pads on and painted up the axle. I also have new springs for the 416. I noticed the spring centering pin is too small for the center hole on the spring pad. Is there a place where I can order a custom centering pin. I suspect others here have run into this issue. I really dont want to have to weld the hole on the pad shut and drill it out to the right size. I also don't want to have to drill out the springs for a larger size pin (which I have seen others do),
Why not just drill out the spring pin hole on the perch? That seems easier to me.
M416 build

Pictures? Please, tell us more about your build.

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