Leaf spring bushing worn down

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Mar 11, 2013
Treasure Coast, FL
So I was looking at my stock front spring shackle and the bushing appears to be deformed and maybe demolished.
Could this be the reason my front end is so sloppy? Steering is sloppy and not sure why it is.
I replaced all the tie rod ends, I just rebuilt the Birfield/hubs with new bearings.
It was recently aligned. The steering play is within the specifications in the fsm.
So, the only thing left is the steering box or the leaf springs?
I'm wondering if the springs are moving around due to worn out leaf spring bearings.
If I were to replace these bushings, where would be a good source?
Would the EMU poly bushings fit stock leaf springs and shackles?
Leaf spring bushings could be causing it.

I don't believe the Emu bushings will fit, but the good news is there are much cheaper alternatives. Energy Suspension bushings are available in lots of places. Or the various Landcruiser parts places will have something you can use.

Put the front axle on jack stands and see if the spring packs move back and forth. I'm pretty sure they will.
Thanks. I ordered a set for the front lead springs.

When you say check the springs, do you mean put the jack sands under the front axle and then turn the wheel while watching the springs?
Yesterday I had the front end jacked up by the frame so I could see if anything moved without weight on the suspension. Not sure that is the way to inspect it.
I'm also thinking of adjusting the steering box. However, not sure which bolt is the adjuster. The Haynes manual had no mention of it. My factory manual was elsewhere so I had to rely on the Haynes unfortunately.
Your method makes more sense now that I think about it. Either way if the bushings are worn you should replace them.

Be careful about adjusting the box. I had mine rebuilt by a shop down here in Houston and the guys asked me if I ever touched the adjustment. I said "nope" and they told me that adjustment of that can cause more harm than good if done incorrectly. If turning it I would go no more than 1/8 of a turn.

And in the end these will never have perfect precision steering. It's a box on wheels. Getting the box rebuilt helped mine a lot. I feel comfortable driving it.
I ordered the bushings from Energy Suspension. I forgot to make sure if I needed sleeves or not.
I hope this helps but not holding my breather.
I didnt see any movement when I had the vehicle lifted.
I will hold off adjusting the steering box.
I fidgeted with this adjustment on my old Ramcharger and it didnt help much, and actually made the steering feel bad in other ways.
I suppose a new steering box could be worth a shot.

Its also possible that the leaf springs themselves are causing this sloppiness?
I drove a friend's LC that has an EMU lift kit and it was tight.
Not sure if it was the springs or not.
Its also possible that the leaf springs themselves are causing this sloppiness?
I drove a friend's LC that has an EMU lift kit and it was tight.
Not sure if it was the springs or not.

The OME springs (or similar) will result in better ride and handling than worn stock springs.
I just put 8 rubber bushings from toyota (stupid expensive), in the stock rear spring shackles only and it made a world of difference in the ride. So I would assume new ones in the front would help greatly...Will be replacing the rest as soon as I can find a better price.
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I only replaced the front shackle bushings. Didn't feel like taking off the rear bushings from the front springs.
Interesting that replacing the bushings on the rear springs would make a difference

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