LC100 Fuel delivery issue

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Aug 13, 2020
Middle East
Hi guys!
Hope you all to be well these days and enjoy your trucks as much as possible!

I have a land cruiser 100 series 2001 with 1FZ-FE engine.

Here are the applied modifications on my cruiser:

Turbo charger with 7.5PSI boost. (350 WHP)

550cc injectors

Main fuel pump: AEM 340
Sub fuel pump: AEROMOTIVE 340

Aeromotive fuel regulator set on 40PSI

(No change on fuel line and fuel filter from tanks to engine)

AEM water methanol system

During highway cruising in hot days (+30 C) after almost 100 kilometers, the fuel pump fails. By changing the tank, the engine starts and operates normally.

This scenario happens on both pumps in same situations. The failed pump would operate normally after 10 to 20 minutes of rest.

Previously on my previouse pumps (aeromotive 340) after facing few failures as explained, my pump failed to deliver 40psi on half voltage in low rpm. It could pump about 20 psi.

(100 series have fuel circuit resistor which works on 6.5V or 11.5V based on necessary fuel flow)

I jumped my fuel circuit resistor for a while to receive 40psi on damaged pump but after a while the pump died.
(It's like the damaged pump, pumps 20psi on 6.5 but 40psi on 11.5)

Now I have two pumps from different brands with same specs but they both act the same under pressure in hot days.

I need your advise on the issue I am facing.

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