Wanted Late 80's or Early 90's Toyota 4x4 Truck in GEORGIA

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United States
I had a nice 92 Toyota 4x4 p/u that was my DD until I pulled out in front of a car. Now my good ole DD is damaged. I have been on the hunt for a donor for it with a good front end but no luck so far.

I am looking to either replace it with another with a 5 speed and either a 4 cylinder or V6. I don't really want any junk because I'm going to use at as another DD. I have cash in hand for a late 80's or early 90's 4x4 TOYOTA p/u.

I will also consider a 90's 4x4 that is in need of a good V6 that I could pull out of my truck. If you are in GEORGIA or maybe in the southeast area let me know.

I have CASH in hand for the right truck and a couple of weeks off coming up soon.

PM me for contact info please.

PM sent!

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