Last question of the week - how should the power locks work on 86 LJ70?

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May 13, 2013
I hope at some point I can offer advice and useful knowledge instead of just sucking it out of y'all.

My project for the weekend will include trying to troubleshoot the power locks in my truck. I have a single lock switch on the driver's door but it does nothing. There is also no central locking or unlocking functioning from the keys in any of the doors or from pushing the locks up or down in the doors. Should the system function like a modern vehicle whereby all of the doors are locked and unlocked with the switch and with the key in at least the driver's side door?

If anyone has the wiring diagram that they can share with me or a description of how it is wired and where the various relays are I would appreciate advice and input. I have the owner's manual but it is in Swiss/German. It appears to describe central locking from the switch but we can't translate enough to understand any additional key-based functionality.

I have a bj74 which I assume has the same system.

The button in the drivers door triggers all doors to lock and unlock. Using the key would only work the lock the key was in, no others.

I don't know if that is unique just to my rig or all a feature of all 70 series unfortunately. I know my auto sparky had troubles with the remote central locking as the locks were a negative trigger or something along those lines. He had to use a relay or similar to allow the immob/alarm remote to trigger the central locking.
Power locks only activates rear door

I pulled off the door panels yesterday and discovered that my truck apparently only came with a power lock system that activates the rear door. The wiring harnesses are in the front doors and are connected but none of the hardware is present for activating the locks. I guess Toyota figured it was easy to reach the passenger side door from the driver's seat. Anyway, I can see that the switch works properly and that the signal power is being applied in the back door but the solenoid doesn't move. I assume that I need a new one. I can't for the life of me see how to remove it but I'll figure it out. Thanks for the feedback and suggestions.

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