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Mar 28, 2007
Pittsburgh, PA
I am going to Vegas Mon. and the wife wants to see the Grand Canyon. So I rented a Hummer :confused: . Any body know any good trails to the Grand Canyon for a good day trip? I posted here because the 100 site seems to have more viewers than the trail site.
Is this a joke? If on and this is only one example:


XXXX in his H2 (former XXXXXXX owner) and I in the Toyota FJ went out on sort of a spur of the moment 4wd trip today to a trail I will name later for security reasons. The day started off great, and we were making great time to the various sights, through the boulder gardens, and up and down all of the steep and loose areas, tippy areas, and the like. Both trucks were performing well, and as expected. We were about 1/2 mile from the end of the challenging parts of the trail and it was only NOON!....then IT happened.

I was in the lead vehicle, tackling the last small boulder garden before the climb out of the canyon, and I glanced in my rearview mirror and noticed I did not see XXXX's H2. So I stopped for a bit....and a bit longer, then realized something must be wrong. I got out of the truck and walked around the corner back to where XXXX was and found that he was having problems with his steering. He was turning the steering wheel with no resistance, but the wheels would not turn. Crap....

So we popped the hood and what did we find? The steering gear shaft that connects the steering box to the pitman arm was sheared off..... it had broken in two.

My attempts to move the H2 with the FJ were futile. It just weighs too much for that little truck. We didnt have cell service at the bottom of that canyon, so drove the FJ up to the top and tried to get cell service. XXXX was able to make a call and talk to the dealer and a towing company to come help with the recovery effort.

They came out with a few large flatbed trucks, one of which was carrying the old Jeep Cherokee they used to try to recover the H2. There was NO possible way for the flatbeds to make it anywhere near the H2. The prospect of dragging the H2 up the hill was not possible because there was no way to steer it. We tried. That combined with the very tough terrain, off camber spots and eventually 60' drop-offs made towing it out unfeasible.

After attempting that, we collectively decided that it would be too dangerous to navigate the 1/2 mile of boulder garden and off camber spots, and instead to have it fixed onsite.

So....does anyone know a mechanic or someone that knows how to deal with replacing the steering box and pitman arm in an 05 Chevy truck, which is basically what the H2 is? We had to leave it onsite, thus not wanting to mention the trail we ran. It is much closer to Phoenix than it is to Tucson. If he can get someone to help him, I am going to lend whatever equipment I can, including a few quads to get us there quicker, assuming it doesn't get cannibalized tonight.

Thanks for any help or suggestions you might be able to offer.
I know you're still searching for an SUV. These Hummer stories are endless. I'd suggest the renting of a Subaru Outback and hit the Canyon area with that. Enjoy your trip in confidence not beeing worried about getting stranded in that desolate terrain. Seriously!
Uhhh... I was going to write a bunch of stuff too. But bottom line. 85 to 100 degrees. Rental vehicle. Wife. Unknown terrain. Lions, tigers, bears and wife oh my.... This is like the opening of a CSI TV show.

Stick to the pavement on this one. Go to Eagles point and do the Indian Skywalk thing.

It will be a 8 to 10 hour round trip. I think it will cost about $100 for two to get on the reservation and anther $25 each to do the walk.

So save the $$ on the Hummer and get a convertible and enjoy the drive.

You could also do Route 66 to Peach Springs, AZ. That is what Pixar used to base Wheeler Spings on in the movie Cars.

My .02 cents.
I wasn't thinking about serious offroading. Just maybe a road/trail which would not be crowded with tourists. Neither of us have been to the canyon before but we like to stay away from touristy areas. So, any positive input?
I wasn't thinking about serious offroading. Just maybe a road/trail which would not be crowded with tourists. Neither of us have been to the canyon before but we like to stay away from touristy areas. So, any positive input?

Ok, you never know and even the simplest dirt roads become deadly when the temp goes up and you get stuck a few miles down a dirt road.

I would think that Eagles Point and the Canyon walk would be mellow during the week since kids are still in school. The south rim tourest center is a total zoo, but that is about 280 miles away, so you would not be going there anyway for the day.

Eagles point is right next to the Canyon Walk thing on the Indian Reservation.

So check this link out


Peach Springs, AZ. is cool too. You can drive all the way to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon from there. Check this link:

If you do this bring plenty of water.

Good luck, the Canyon is mesmerizing. Try to be at its edge at either dusk or dawn if possible.

Toroweap may be an option, though it may be too long of a drive.
North rim, alot less people. Drive thru Zion on the way, it's a long day but worth it.

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