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United States
Hey Folks,

I have owned an FJ60 & FJ62 in the past and now am looking for an FJ80+

Lockers, Relatively Low Mileage and No rust is a huge, huge plus.

I also have a 2000 Lexus GS300 that is open to trade. 187k miles. Runs like a charm, I drive it everyday probably 50-100 miles everyday, too. We originally purchased this car at Lexus of Richmond in October 1999. It is Gold in color and tan leather interior. Heated seats, power windows, etc work great. This car is immaculate under the hood. The exterior shows a decent amount of wear, with a few dings and scuffs. There is a CEL, VSC, VSC OFF, and ABS light on. The CEL is an O2 Sensor, VSC, and VSC OFF is a sensor in the VSC that is a common problem with all generation GS's. The ABS comes on every now and then. We've been driving the car like this for about 50k miles now. Has not affected the drive at all. They are really easy fixes, in fact. I am willing to put some cash on top of the trade depending on the right truck.

Exterior: 6/10
Interior: 8/10
Engine: 9/10

Located in Richmond, Virginia. Thanks!

For the absolute RIGHT truck. Like a FJ100, we can maybe look into my 1991 M5 with 91k miles. Maybe.

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