land cruiser coil lift for my 4runner

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May 25, 2010
Monument, CO
Hey, Im thinking about putting the stock land cruiser coils on my 4runner as a lift kit. I picked some up from a friend for free and wanted to know if anyone has done this and how it worked out.

what i do know at this point is that i will need a new stabalizer bar and shocks.

this is a budget build so im trying to stay cheap. :)
My brother did it on his 95 and it turned out nice, pretty good height and a better ride than the stock springs.
Thanks a ton Hilux. As i was about to start the project, I realized all that was going to be involved so that helped alot. I think i will wait a bit until i can get all the proper things so i dont mess something up.

thanks again
Expect a lot of lift, possibly more than you want or the short arms are happy with. I would test fit them before buying a bunch of stuff, to see if it's what you want?

I haven't tried, but FJC springs look like they maybe a better match? They are about the same OD but slightly shorter.

Have done a couple, both are happy with them. We used LX450 springs and stock shocks from the same rig, with ball joint spacers in the front. The LX springs are one of the softest '80 series springs, so somewhat less lift and good ride with the matched shocks.
Nice post Hilux, thanks!

To bring some of that info into here, seems the guy had a tough time with his panhard bar. I guess once you lift it enough it throws everything off. Does anybody run a Watts link system/know where to get one? Or do you guys just run adj. panhard bars and/or those brackets that they talked about.

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