For Sale Lafayette, Louisiana 1966 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 w/hard top

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Vehicle Model
  1. 40 Series
1966 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40, desert beige, excellent patina, outstanding frame & body! Still has some issues but overall in great shape for this vintage! $15,000 cash.

Frame / VIN number: FJ4035483

Engine: 6 cylinder in line (Note: motor is circa 1968 or 1969 vintage).

Transmission: 3 speed with floor shift

Transfer case: Stock

Milage: Unknown.

Listing this for a friend. Not my vehicle but I have been involved with it since its acquisition, and I can vouch for all that is said in this description. We acquired this 1966 FJ40 with a bad engine out of East Texas in 2019. Actually, the engine was not “bad” – it just had low compression in two of the cylinders, but while we were preparing to address that, there was a hard freeze here which left us with a small crack in the water jacket. We were then able to purchase a used motor out of a 1968 or 1969 FJ40 and we dropped it in. We are still working on it and trying to resolve numerous minor issues. My friend adapted a 1bbl carburetor (the D-40) to this engine. We are having problems with rough idle and backfiring. We are still trying to work that out, but wanted to list it for sale while we resolve these various issues.


Body has no cancer! And we cannot find ANY BODY FILLER ON THIS VEHICLE ANYWHERE! I believe the rear sill has been replaced in the past because I can see a couple of welds when lying on my back and looking underneath. New sill in great shape. I can see some pitting in the rear floorboard, but it looks like the previous owner blasted it and gave it a good coat of desert beige.

The frame is in great shape – no pitting, no cancer, and it looks like the previous owner had recently blasted and painted the frame before we acquired it (which was in 2019). Note that these issues (rust & body filler) are the weak points in the majority of old Land Cruisers that are on the market today. With the purchase of this 1966 FJ40, you will NOT need to expend years of your life (and ungodly amounts of money) on frame reconditioning and body tub restoration! Ding! You just saved $5,000 - $10,000 and added 3 years to your life!

Titled in the state of Louisiana in the seller’s name!

All glass intact! No cracks in the windshield. Door glass rolls up and down as they should. The vent windows pop out at an angle as they should. The vent underneath the windshield operates as it should.

Compression check performed on 1/31/2022:

Cylinder #1: 150psi

Cylinder #2: 150psi

Cylinder #3: 150psi

Cylinder #4: 140psi

Cylinder #5: 150psi

Cylinder #6: 150psi

Doors close and lock as they should.

Aftermarket heater

New brake master cylinder! New clutch master cylinder! New slave cylinder! New front turn signals! New rear brake light / parking light assemblies!

Full cage roll bar appears to be professionally installed – ie excellent welds!

Nice set of Warn M47C hubs on the front axle!

Fiberglass hard top in great shape!

Skid plate included with the sale! (Although it is not currently installed on the vehicle).

Set of OEM Toyota factory 5.5x15inch rims included in the sale! These have been sandblasted to bare steel and painted factory grey.


Brakes – The brakes work, but I don’t know if I would trust them on street driving. This land cruiser reportedly sat for 7-10 years before we bought it. Although the master cylinder is new, the wheel cylinders are not new. We had a couple of the brake drums off during the period of ownership, and the cosmetically, the wheel cylinders look great! I don’t see any leaking but again, I would be leary about putting this vehicle on the street without replacing all the wheel cylinders (which actually is not a bad job! Ask me how I know! Answere: Within the last 3 years I have replaced all eight wheel cylinders on both my 1966 and my 1970 FJ40s).

Exhaust has a 6 inch segment of “flex pipe” located at about the level of the driver. I believe they inserted this in order to make the exhaust pipes line up after they installed the replacement engine.

The emergency brake cable is not hooked up to the pull handle mechanism inside the driver’s compartment. We tried to install it but it is a major pain to line up the eye bolt on the end of the cable to the hole on the lever inside the passenger compartment. Two of us were working together, but we gave up after about an hour of trying. Cable and eyebolt are in great shape and the pin and cotter pin are included.

Speedometer does not work. Temp gauge and oil pressure gauge do not work.

Problem with the dimmer switch – headlights turn on only when you mash on the floor mounted dimmer switch

Needs headliner

Front bumper appears to be from an earlier model FJ40

Tires more than six years old on 15x10inch rims

Wipers don’t work.

Weatherstripping around the doors needs to be re-glued in a couple of places.

At some point in the past, the brake master cylinder had leaked fluid into the driver’s floorboard, so the paint has been damaged in this area. Needs to be wire wheeled, primered and painted.

Aftermarket distributor, which has no points? None that I can see at least! The distributor on the original engine that came with this vehicle was a Delco, and it is included with the sale.

Some of the window rubber on the side glass is dry rotted.

There is no engine number stamped on the engine (the spot where the number should go is blank).

Someone installed some fender flares on the rear. These need to be removed and rivet holes migged shut and area repainted. The good news is that they did not cut the body tub underneath the flare!

We still need to wire up the new rear brake lights / parking lights.


Have I been too detailed or have I just provided details that most sellers omit? We are encouraging personal inspection of this vehicle and can hopefully accommodate the date and time of your visit to Lafayette. Message me with appointment requests.

I have more photos. Message me with requests for more photos or if you want a closer photo of a certain part of the vehicle.

Looking for some fellow IH8MUD members to drop by and take a look at this vehicle! My handle on ebay is ryanvu1 and I have a 100% ebay feedback rating.

Vehicle is not currently licensed to operate on the street. But there are 20 acres here for you to test drive it.


$15,000. Cash, cash cash. Cash on pick up. No checks or electronic payments of any kind accepted (this includes paypal). Recall that I am listing this for a friend, and this is the reason. Title and bill of sale provided after full payment received.





Nice rig! You should not have any problem finding a new home for your '66. I just bought a '65 FJ40 FTS or I might be starting talks with you. Good luck.
June/July ‘65. Not an early fj40 bumper. I’d getting her running well and stopping if you want close to your asking price.

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