Labrador/Newfoundland anyone?

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Jan 30, 2006
Paris, France
Planning a trip to Labrador/Newfoundland, in July/August 2011. I'd hit the road North from MD to Quebec, drive to Happy Valley-Goose Bay and then South to the ferry landing to Newfoundland, again South to Nova Scotia and back home. I hear that the last missing stretch of the Trans-Labrador Highway from HV-GB to Cartwright has finally opened last December. But has anybody already done that ? What's the infrastructure like down there (extra gas cans needed?), what kind of weather to expect, what to see beside National Parks? Thanks!

I am doing a Labrador Highway trip later this year with the guys from Overland Experts. So I should be able to give you some decent info when we get back.

Cool, thanks! Meantime found a truckload of info on expeditionportal. I'm especially interested in knowing about accomodations on the way. I suspect it's more a camping only trip, no?
Came 20 days ago from Labrador and Newfoundland road trip. If you have any questions will happy to answer them.
Depending on the date and for length of time,I would be very interested in this trip.. Have been researchng the area.

I wish I could, that's on of my dreams!
I'm thinking of doing this trip in the fall to visit my sister in Newfoundland. Leaving from Ottawa for 2-4 weeks. Any advice/ suggestions would be much appreciated.
I've run the trip a few times and as Steve mentioned way back in 2010 - he went with us.

It's something I certainly recommend doing once in your lifetime. Though the downside is that they are paving more and more of the Lab Hwy every summer. They were doing it back in 2010 and it's unfortunate. Now every RV full of chubby lil kids will be all over up there. :) a

But I always start in Quebec City because of love that town. Go down along the St. Lawrence and up to Lab City. Pick up a sat phone and head east to Goose Bay. I really suggest taking the slow boat through Lake Melville instead of taking the newish section of road down to the coast.

But a must stop place is Marys Harbour and taking the people ferry over to Battle Harbour. Stay the night in one of the old RCMP houses. Very cool little hike around the island (old plane crash site) and having a dinner in the main building. Very, very cool. The coast line of Labrador is pretty awesome.

Once you get over to Newfoundland I suggest heading north up to L'Anse aux Meadows. The Viking settlement dating back to 1,000 AD.

Then head back south along the coast - tons of great pull over areas for lunch, etc. But be sure to stop in Gros Morne National Park. You can get a cabin or stay in one of the very nice camping areas. Also be sure to take a boat ride out through Western Brook Pond - hardly a "pond". But pretty damn stunning.

Then you can end up taking the ferry over to Nova Scotia - do the loop around the top of Cape Breton. Well worth it.

I've got tons of info on all those regions.

Bumping up an old thread since the wife and I are planning to do this trip in early Sept in the Troopy with our three dogs.

Any news, updates or recommendations?
I'm interested...was looking to do this August, but September is better as less people, maybe even some foliage change...
I think the foliage will be changing in early Sept in Newfoundland. I live in the western mountains area of Maine and the last two weeks of Sept are usually peak foliage in our area. The coast of Maine sees their peak in the first half of October.

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