For Sale (LA) FJ60 parts

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Jun 28, 2010
Baton Rouge
United States
Merry Christmas Mud.

I've been doing some garage clean out lately and discovered a few boxes of FJ60 parts that i no longer need.

I'm going to list what i have and what i think is a fair price. Prices do not include shipping. shipping will be from 70820.

Pictures will be going up as i can get to them over the next few days

Carb #1 - 150.00
OEM taken off of a running 2f probably 7 years ago. complete. stamped 5D 8

parts Carb #2 - 65.00
OEM "parts carb" all the parts are there, its just dirty and dissembled

Parts Dizzy - 50.00 SOLD thank you
oem large cap dizzy for 2F, dirty and disassembled. VAC ADVANCE IS ALREADY GONE

Parts Ingitor Coil - 65.00 SOLD thank you
oem ignitor and coil. i saw "parts" only thing wrong is that its missing a few connectors.

Weber/Mallory setup for 2f - 250.00
weber 38dgas carb with the intake manifold adapters and the stock 2F air cleaner adapter. Mallory vac advance magnetic breakerless distributor (will get part numbers) and promaster coil. have all the brackets/ballasts/electric fuel pump/fuel regulators and misc parts.

AC equipment bundle - 200.00
AC compressor with clutch and pulley, was working when pulled
AC condenser - oem no known leaks
AC lines - pretty sure i have all connections including the hard line no known leaks
Black plastic housing that the AC evaporator sits in under the dash

P/s pump - 125.00 ~Pending~
oem pump with pulley, res and "toyoda" cap. pulled off of a working FJ60 about 7 years ago

Carb cooling fan - 75.00 ~Pending~
excellent condition

radiator fan shroud - 25.00
great shape

radiator overflow bottle with cap - 10.00 ~Pending~
extra cap for above - 5.00

alternator - 30.00 SOLD thank you
new rebuild. I think this one is for a 62 where it sits on the driver side of the engine. will work on a 60, but its really tight to get the belt on...

EGR valve - 70.00
EGR vacuum modulation valve - 50.00
charcoal canister - 25.00
Air bypass valve - 75.00
VSV (89570-60050) - 30.00
VSV (89570-60060) - 30.00
VSV (85430-60018) - 30.00
catalytic converter temperature probe - 75.00 ~Pending~

air pump - 50.00
its been so long i dont remember when i took it off. was working when pulled. OEM with pully.

rear window washer bag with working sprayer motor - 15.00
Tan glove box door - 20.00
blower motor relay - 15.00
emissions control unit - 25.00 (i have 2)
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carb fan relay (black box not silver one) 25.00 ~Pending~

windshield wiper relay - 50.00

Rear glass with defroster and good gasket - 75.00 ~Pending~

pair L/R two tone chrome/grey headlight doors with OEM turn signals - 50.00 for the pair ~Pending~

i also have two tool bags, two bottle jacks and at least one whole set of tools i think. SOLD thnk you

Some miscellaneous brown interior parts (door handles and such) and probably some other things i am forgetting. I finish going through it all in the next few days

ETA: sorry things were in slow motion guys. turns out i'm having to do this in like two week chunks at a time. i apologize for any delay in communication and/or shipping. I didnt know it would be this way or i would have stated that up front.

that being said, ill say it anyway. If you need the part fast like under a week to 10 days, it probably not going to happen. but i will get it to you in a reasonable time frame.

I have updated the list to reflect current availability

Thanks guys. i wish you all good land cruising
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here is the alternator sold


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Thank you for the pic -- But that's a 55-amp FJ60 alt, not a FJ62.

Is there a sticker on it from who did the reman?

The rear window...
Is the A/c system still available? Also do have front fender panels? Grille?

All the ac stuff is available.

Sorry no fender panels or grill...

I will pm you in a bit...

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