KZJ78 Suspension Help

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Oct 23, 2013
Lubbock, Texas
Purchasing a 1995 KZJ78 today for a client here in Uganda. I advised them to upgrade the suspension, but I've never lifted a 78.

I have three options available in-country, and I need help choosing which one will give the best ride.

  • Ironman 4x4 springs and shocks (I have these on my HZJ80 and the ride is pretty stiff - not wanting to go this route, personally)
  • King Springs and Monroe Shocks (standard springs or raised ones are available)
  • Rob's Magic Springs and shocks (I've had Rob's Magic springs on my HZJ80 and they were pretty stiff)
You all with experience, what do you think of these options? I'm leaning towards standard height King Springs and the Monroe shocks. We're dealing with washboard village roads, not rock crawling.
Whats wrong with suspension on the vehicle?
Whats wrong with suspension on the vehicle?

It doesn't meet the needs or desires of the customer, hence why I advised them to change it.

It's a 19-year old Land Cruiser, 10 of those years having been spent in Africa, still on original stock suspension. Frankly, I'm not sure what ISN'T wrong with it.
Thanks. SA has all of the best stuff. Been searching for an affordable shipping method from there for 3 years. Nothing yet, but maybe soon.
I noticed some countries over there can be difficult to get parts into, call the guys at N1 4x4 they have customers form all over africa, that turned up for a world record attempt for most cruisers in 1 place, they may be able to help get stuff to you.

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