Knuckle Centering Tool?

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Dec 23, 2004
Beaverton, Oregon
Trying to sort out a front end rebuild on the 40. Might be swapping to disc brakes if I can sort out the parts, or might just replace the bearings in my drum knuckles. Replacing the trunion bearings either way. Anybody have the fancy tool to take the guesswork out of the shim setup? Trail Tailor has recreated the Toyota SST for $185, but I'd love to not have to spend that. I'm sure there's a way to set it up without the tool, but I don't know how to do it. Either way, I'd love to get the front end sorted out and back on the road for CTW next month. Not going to go nuts, but I'd love to bring it up there and drive around a bit.

Yeah, I always just put everything back the way it was. Not an option if all to disc knuckle parts are disassembled in a bucket. Even if I swap out the trunion bearings in my drum knuckles, I think I’m supposed to re-center everything to keep from burning through seals.
Think I'm going to roll the dice and follow Daryl's advice and just eyeball it, starting with the shims that are in there now. Worst case, I'll just go through inner axle seals a little faster. I'll probably be going to discs before that happens.
Mark is a good idea. I'll hit him up when I try setting up the disc knuckles from the bucket-o-parts at Kyle's.
I for sure will when I swap to the disc knuckles. I’m going to try to just replace the bearings and keep the shims I have in the drum knuckles and see how the preload is. You around this weekend if I need to come grab it? Where in town are you?

Thanks so much for the offer.


Text back if easier. 503-750-7633
Lost your text when my phone crapped out. You around today (Sunday) to swing by sometime? Swapping the disc knuckles in this week and I was hoping to use your centering tool to line everything up properly, if the offer still stands.

Thanks. I already hooked up with @lechnito. In fact, I’m all done and just waiting for the final bleed of the new disc brakes and an alignment of the new tie rod ends.

I was about to return his tool when Coronapocalypse hit.

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