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It is with a very sad and heavy heart that I have to part ways with my Newest Land Cruiser.

I got a surprise layoff notice, and regrettable the first thing I need to part with is the TLC.

Honestly is brand new, I know many people may say this but it is true in this case. Always garage kept, never driven in the snow or salt, not even driven in the rain. Never off roaded or wheeled (also sadly)

2018 Toyota Land Cruiser Blizzard Pearl with Terra Leather

Per the build sheet they are calling it a VX-R which I guess since we only have one trim here, they all are????
6xx Miles. Yes that six hundred Just hit 600 miles last week. I followed the recommended Toyota break in procedure too. No highway constant speed driving and no towing.

Factory options / addons
All weather floor mats for all rows and cargo area. Clear bra / paint protection film front of hood

Only mods so far are ARB front recovery points, Weather Tech side window deflectors / rain guards on all four doors, and Weather Tech LampGard / clear bra on headlights and fog lights.

Please let me know if you would like any additional details. I have additional or can take requested photos.

Floating this idea for now to see if it is even worth it, so taking best offers atm. Thanks



  • Vehicle Specs - 2018 Land Cruiser VX-R.pdf
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What is the color of the interior??
Terra seats with black everything else pretty much.
Bump for the unfortunate circumstances. Hope it all works out AND you get to keep the Cruiser!
Bump for the unfortunate circumstances. Hope it all works out AND you get to keep the Cruiser!
Thanks. I did find another job so I still may keep it. Still kicking things around. But defiantly looking for a daily driver as my new drive is 100 miles a day, and there is no way I am going to put that kinda mileage on the TLC.

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