SOLD KC Daylighters in NJ, USA

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Sep 12, 2006
New Jersey, dump here please
United States
I was saving these KC Daylighters as part of a retro build but I gotta focus on other things, so here they are. I have two pair of them, one stainless, one black painted, and one set of vinyl covers. I haven't tested them but the filaments are intact.

The two stainless ones are in excellent condition. One of the black ones looks like it got conked on the head. The bulb is intact but the housing is tweaked. It could probably be worked out easily enough and then you'd have two complete sets of lights. If not, you'd have spare parts and three complete lights.

$10 for everything plus shipping.
PLEASE DON'T POST A REPLY IN THIS THREAD TO BUY ... to call dibs, fine, but ...
Please text or call 215 850 6331.
Or start a "Conversation" here on Mud. Thanks!

Comments more than welcome, of course. But I had a fellow Mudder get bent out of shape (on another item, not these KCs) because when he finally started a Conversation, I told him someone else was in line ahead of him and he said "really?" all indignant. Uh, yeah, really. He said no one posted. Yeah, cuz I did say to call or text, which someone did ... and they're also posted on my local CL ... Just tryin' to be fair.

Anyway, grow your mullet, put lift blocks under your front axle, four or six chrome shocks all around, a 6-71 blower to your motor, loads of ridiculous chrome, and a minimum of six of these KC Daylighters to your "show bar," and you too can relive the '80s ... Cue the Ted Nugent .... (BTW, just had to share: I couldn't remember his name so I Google "Idiot guitarist from Michigan, also a hunter" and guess what! LOL!)

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Texted. That means I won, right?

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