K&H sound deadener brush on.

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Apr 17, 2010
Melbourne, Australia
As anybody tried this or how does it. Does it end up going hard? Any information would be great.
It would of been a good idea to mention that K&H are 3M products.
Over the past few years I've noticed the replacement of K+H naming with the 3M branding at Repco, Supercheap Auto, and Burson.
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This afternoon I went to Supercheap Auto to get another bottle of K&H Rust Dissolver, but there is nolonger any 3M products on the shelves. The majority of their paint range is Septone.
Next I went to Burson and their paint range is primarily Motospray.
Finally I went to Repco and there on the shelves in their blue labels is the K&H range.

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