Just finished my Part Time Kit

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Lookin’ for mud in all the wrong places.
Mar 3, 2006
Well I have had the hubs on for a little while now, but today I decided to finish the install with the spool in the transfer case.

Let me just say that while it is possible to install this kit with the transfer case in the vehicle, it was very tight getting my hands up in there and I got an ab and neck workout that about gave me a hernia. I called a few weeks ago and talk to Slee who said it was easier if the case was out. Suffice it to say I just took the ignorant approach. So after 6 hours and some bloody knuckles I was able to get it finished.

A couple of notes for those looking to do this change: you will need some type of puller to change the bearing from the old spool to the new spool. The shims that adjust the pre-load for the idler shaft and output shaft are harder to install with the case in than if the case was out and with the front side down.

I will post up mpg results shortly. My initial impression is that I really like the torquie feeling from the rear (also no clunk) and the steering is much lighter.
I have done 2 of these kits. One in mine and one for the BIL. Had no probs doing them with the transfer case in place. Both were done on a hoist though. This did make it easier.
Less wear and tear on the front end

More power

Lighter steering

Less drive train backlash

gives me 2wd low range good for reversing the caravan up the steep driveway

great fun in the mud
Taking out the whole case is easy, but I had a heck of time getting it back in. Its sort of an akward shape - I ended up having to build an attachment for my jack that held it at the right angle to put in.

One advantage of installing the kit with the transfer case out is that less dirt and stuff falls in when you pull it apart.

what did the final outcome end up costing?
Well the kit has gone up in price. It looks like its $635.00 now. I think I bought it for $550.00. The only additional cost was the gear oil AMSOIL 75W90 $15.00 and FIPG (Toyota form in place gasket) $17.00
Any pics taken of the job?
so no other gaskets needed, just FIPG? I'm guessing you got it from Slee? What did you wind up using for hubs? Sorry, you may have posted before, but I forget what hubs you are running. I'm wanting to do this mod, just a little scared as I want to run the hubs properly, ie have no side to side movement. And, digging into the t-case wasn't that bad? I have access to a lift, so I'm still thinking about leaving it in the truck.
No Pics from my job. I will try to post up some from the instruction sheet.

The hubs come with the kit, or you can buy them separately. They are AVM hubs. You use ring spacers to get the correct width on the outer axle shaft. If you have a 91 to 93 you have shorter birfs and you don't have to use the rings, if you have 94 and newer or after market birfs (usually) you need to use the rings. I talked to Slee and they said they have not had any issue with the rings or with spinning these hubs while wheeling.

This case is really easy to work with. Its just a little tight getting your hands and tools in there. The hardest part was getting the snap ring off the rear input shaft bearing. With a lift you will be on easy street.
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No Pics from my job. I will try to post up some from the instruction sheet.

Matthew please do, if you have time to spare, thanks...Rob
Some pics from the instructions with added notes:

Also I have noticed my Aussie Locker has started acting a lot more like a locker than it did in full time. (i.e. caching in tight turns when accelerating hard)



One advantage of installing the kit with the transfer case out is that less dirt and stuff falls in when you pull it apart.


Ain't that the truth! When i did mine, as soon as i split the cases a whole heap of sand, dirt and old grass fell onto the nice oil-coated gears etc...:doh:

Note to self...blow down top of gearbox if doing this again....or just take the xfer case out!

Enjoy the feel of acceleration now ArmyFJ!! :D
Army, thanks for posting the pics, I just now seen the pics, very useful... Still considering the part time kit, but we'll see, saving the pics just in case, once again thanks for the pics and write up...

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