June trail ride: Reynolds Wrap, Saturday June 18th

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Jun 11, 2005
Colorado Springs
June's trail ride will be a run to Reynolds Wrap (aka Saran Wrap) to do some trail maintenance and clean-up.

Meet at the South location: Safeway Parking lot, 1912 S. Nevada Ave.

Meet time: 8am-8:30am
Depart time: 8:30am

What to bring:
1. drinking water
2. tools--shovel, rake, pry-bar
3. trash bag
4. hat and gloves, sunscreen
5. 5-gallon buckets for hauling soil/gravel

Post up whether you are coming, or not.
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I am planning to go, ride the trail and repair a hole or two, and then run Mount Baldy to see if it is clear of snow now.
Wish I was there right now. Darn.
@Maldavid and I made the trip to Reynolds Wrap and Mount Baldy. We had a blast! Wish more would have participated, but understand it's not always convenient or a family priority.

We picked up 2+ bags full of trash at the trailhead of Eagle Rock and along Reynolds Wrap and the end of Mount Baldy (where it intersects with FS Road 376). We also "repaired" an erosion hole with stones and soil which, hopefully, will prevent drivers from breaking trail and creating a bypass where one doesn't exist.

We were really happy that Mount Baldy is open and clear of snow now (this was my third attempt since May) and can be run 100%.

Reynolds Wrap was a butt-kicker. Those off-camber areas with ruts and rocks make it tricky. I scraped the rear quarter of the FJ60 on a rock; oh well, it can be repaired. Malcolm had a fuel-delivery or idle issue--was losing power while climbing and stalling-out, so we adjusted his idle "up" and that solved the problem.



Sounds like a good trip. I wanted to make it yesterday, but it seems I may have eaten something that did not agree with me. No fun...

Reynolds wrap is a fun trail and I was looking forward to running it and maintaining it

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