June 22nd OHV Workday


Jul 14, 2015
Eldorado, NC
Hi Everyone – Our next work day will be Saturday, June 22nd starting at 9 am at the Uwharrie Hunt Camp. We’ll have 3 project areas if we have enough people. Project 1 will be installing guardrail on Slab Pile Trail where people started to make bypasses this year when the clay sections of trail got so bad. The contractor has done a nice job on that trail so now we’d like to block of the bypasses & slash them in to let them revegetate over time.

Project 2 will be installing the wooden bollards at Cove Boat Ramp to replace the split rail fencing there. Mike will work with the crew there with the chainsaw & auger work that will be needed.

Project 3 will be installing guardrail on the Dickey Bell Trail hill climb and on a couple of other sections where the guardrail has been torn down.

Other over all projects we’ll have is cutting back brush along the trails, picking up trash and clearing out any logs that are blocking tail ditches and keeping water on the trails.

Please where closed toed shoes, have work gloves, pants, t-shirt and maybe long sleeves to go over the short sleeves and bring water and lunch. We appreciate all of your help. Bye - Terry

Theresa Stevens Savery (Terry)
MS Forest Resources / Watershed Management
District Recreation Staff Officer


Jun 30, 2009
Same here. I had planned on attending the work days during the summer when I’m not as busy at work but I will be on the Hurricane Creek Ride. Maybe next month for my family and I.
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