Joining/Renewing Yankee Toys 2018

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Too friggen funny... As you know I just sent you the money order from the PO yesterday. dern.
Nice and easy! Done for another year!:bounce:
For some reason it's not accepting my email address, any one else having this issue?
Never mind, worked fine for me today, guess it was because i was trying to do it on my phone yesterday?
For what is worth, I never got a t-shirt or sticker when I joined last fall.
How up to date is the registry page for 2018? Membership runs Oct to Oct or something like that?
Newbie....signed up a week ago, paid by PayPal and not sure if anything was approved......was planning on going to the Gardner, MA meet tomorrow but not sure what's going on?
PayPal currently unavailable (BOD transitions).
Ed will take care of it directly.
Thanks Felicity.
The BODs are trying to set up a new accounts with PayPal. I will check with them and post up when everything is back on track.
In the meantime all new members hang tight. We may need you to mail checks out to the treasurer or bring them to the trail runs.
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