For Sale Jeep on Toyota axles for sale (NC)

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United States
I hate to do this but I’m listing my Jeep for sale.
I know its not a toyota, but it does have FJ80 axles under it!!!

1999 Jeep Cherokee XJ Sport

88,633 miles

4.0L, AW4, D300

108” Wheelbase (2” added in front, 6” added
in rear)

Never rolled over or even laid on its side. However, it does have a few dings/dents from wheeling it. That’s what I built it for.

Not currently tagged or insured. It has been a trailer queen for the past several years.

Clean title in hand. Technically its my wifes Jeep. (It was a showroom clean jeep when we met over 10 years ago) She is the second owner.

Full “Hybrid” exo/interior cage. All made from 1.75” HREW .120 wall tube and ¼” plates. Front and rear bumpers are same material and are tied into cage as do the rock sliders. Front bumper has integrated frame braces that tie into the steering box bolts.

39.5/13.5/15 bias ply Iroks on steel 32 bolt custom beadlocks.
Tires are around 75% tread with no plugs/patches or leaks.

Ramsey REP 8000 winch with in cab control.

Two Hella 500’s on front, two under body rock lights and 3 downward facing rock lights under front bumper.

All wiring has been done nice and cleanly with all relays/fuses located behind passenger side air bag cover.

All 3 rear cargo area windows were removed and now has custom made snap-in marine grade vinyl windows.

D300 has twin sticks and cable shifters

Toyota FJ80 (1991) axles front and rear. (high pinion 8” in front, 9.5” semi float in rear)

4.10 gears, welded rear, lockright front.

Birfields are stock and in great shape other than some wear on the outer splines where the drive flanges are. This is typical of AWD axles that spent most of their life on the street, and lets face it, the new owner will probably be putting longfields in it anyways.

I recently broke the front ring gear but have replacement gears to go back in. Just waiting on install kit and it will be done. The locker also received two small hair line cracks in the side gears (in line with the shaft splines) that I have ground out and will be tig welding back before installation.

Front has custom 3 link suspension with long arms, johnny joints at frame and ballistic bushings at axle end. (The big ones with 1.25” threads). 6.5” coil springs with extra isolators. Lower arms are ¼ wall steel and upper is ¼” wall aluminum. Custom ¼” steel frame mounts/crossmember brackets with upper link mount coming up through the passenger side floor board by about 2” (for good vertical separation) and covered by steel “box” to cover all parts. Front axle is trussed using ¼” plate and front diff is double wall with welded on cover. The FJ80 steering arms have been flipped around backwards to locate tie rod in front of axle and has triple wall tie rod, double wall drag link and solid track bar. Steering is a combination of chromolly heims and tie rod ends. Pitman arm has been extended for better throw and has held up great even though I had planned on it being temporary. My plans were to go full hydro in the future.

Rear is leaf sprung with flipped springs (added wheelbase), 4.5” lift springs,

HD engineering shackle relocation brackets (fully welded), Barnes 4wd ¼” thick spring perches and D60 ubolts. Rear shocks are raised up to center line of axle and are inboarded at top connected to shock crossmember.

Frame stiffener bracket connects both frame rails under engine and steering box has frame brace as well.

Crossmember is 2x4 construction with integrated transfercase and transmission skids.

Both front and rear driveshafts are double cardan style (CV) at the transfercase end and Toyota flange at axle with big Toyota slip splines.

Fuel tank was relocated into the cargo area (sits down in the floor) and has cage provisions all the way around it to add a shelf or enclose it completely if wanted.

High lift jack mounts to cage in rear.

4 point harnesses in front with modified factory (very comfortable) seats.

Rear seat has harness bar built into cage but I never added rear harnesses.

No seatbelts in the rear right now.

Exhaust was custom built with 2.25” pipe, flowmaster muffler and deleted cat.

Floorboards have been rolled with hurculiner and it has husky floor mats up front.

Sony CD player with Ipod (Aux) hookup and Cobra CB

Will include a full set of spare 3 link arms for the front. (2 steel and one aluminum)

Also will include an empty front FJ80 axle (housing) with knuckles. I picked up this housing for the knuckles since they are abs style and have the extra bolt hole needed for Slee high steer arms.

I REALLY hate to sell this jeep. Its been my baby for many years and I have thoroughly enjoyed building and wheeling it. I’ve had it to all the popular “local” wheeling sites (URE, Harlan, Mountain city. ect) and its never let me down other than this last time out where I broke a ring gear. Work has slowed down and I need to pay down some bills. Family comes first. I’ll buy another one eventually and probably do a lot of the same mods to it that I’ve done to this one. For the meantime, I’ll just have to live vicariously through my stepson who will be driving the other XJ to school.

Price is 15,000.00 obo.

Best way to contact me is @ 704-622-8917




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