Jba Long Tube Headers for first gen sequoia thread.

Jan 17, 2010
We just finished prototype, design, and production engineering our brand new race exhaust system for Toyota Sequoia. This truck is a 07 with vvti. Volant cold air intake. Pedal commander. All the good stuff. The customer will be installing our 330cc injectors soon. We have a ton of jba long tube headers in stock and on sale!!! Call for details. 760-877-4234. DirtyDeedsIndustries.com
Sequoia with JBA long tube headers - https://youtu.be/vHJMI16qmLY
Toyota Sequoia performance exhaust - https://youtu.be/Rx-TTTK2TfY
Jba long tubes on a sequoia - https://youtu.be/8gVVrJu2qxI
Toyota Sequoia with JBA long tube headers and full exhaust - https://youtu.be/ckF_oKBLvjs



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