It's been a while for me

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Aug 6, 2007
Racing capitol of the world, the circle city
I haven't been on the cruiser boards in a while as I have been concentrating on my repairs to my taco!

but I wanted to come over and invite everyone down to Harlan Kentucky for this years TTORA Take Over. all Toyota vehicles are welcome.

The dates are August 8th, 9th, and 10th. the Indiana chapter of TTORA is co-hosting the event this year, so it would be great to have as many hoosiers down there for this event as possible.

here is a link to the information and sign up site:
2008 TTORA Takeover

There will be a banquet with raffle drawing on Saturday all sponsored by Toyota USA
and we are working on having a few Toyota and off-roading industry/Celebs guest there as well.

Hope to see as many down there as we can.

*Mike and AJ, sorry I never got back to either of you after you came by that weekend. but like I said, I have been busy with the tacoma, finally got it back on complete all fours last weekend! Can't wait to take it out and break it again! But I am hoping to start work on the "little red wagon" after August, would be great to pick y'all's brains a bit more before then.
No worries BEAR. Everyone usually scatters over the winter anyway.

The TTORA ride sounds like fun, but with the Hoosier Hoedown scheduled the following weekend I doubt I'll make it.
Wow! I didn't realize the hoedown was the same time frame. Maybe I won't break too bad in Kentucky and will be able to make the hoedown, if my taco is acceptable.

I really didn't mean to "scatter" as you put it. I really would like to get more involved, but there are only so many to speak.
OH my bad, from the title I thought this was a support group for married men in their 40's.

OH my bad, from the title I thought this was a support group for married men in their 40's.


Dude, I'm laffin at that so hard. Not cause it's funny. Cause it's sad & true. Now I'm cryin.

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