It's Alive!!

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Apr 6, 2005
Finally heard the new V8 purr (although that is not the term my neighbors would use) for the first time sime installing the 305 and 4 speed!!

Still needs exhaust (which would explain the neighborhood discontent) and drivelines were dropped off at the shop today!

You will be seeing the old girl at Sonic before you know it. but in the meantime here are some pics complete with fingers in the way!

And before anyone says it......the bezel is not on upside down because it has not been installed yet!
installed motor2.jpg
installed motor.jpg
Looks nice. Can't wait to hear mine run again. :)
Looking good! :clap:
Is that a actual steel radiator hose, or just a slip over cover on normal rubber? Been thinking about using the flex-steel line on a RV thats giving me overheating problems....

Glenn in Tucson
Those are real stainless steel hoses....I spent way too much time in the back of the auto parts store sifting through racks of rubbers hoses....none of which seemed like they would work. :bang:

A little pricier but lots less headache, just bend, cut and install!

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