It RUNS!!!!

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Mar 14, 2008
Bought a boat 4 years ago needing an engine.

Finally, after fighting it for 2 years, I got the outdrive to work right, the engine to idle right and shift right.

Now I need someone else with a Tahoe capable boat.

Anyone up for a day at the lake in the near future?
I can't be the only person on here that owns a hole in the water that won't quit swallowing money...
Instead of insurance and gas you have vet bills and regular farrier visits. And the hay just get's ridiculous sometimes as does the cost of dumping the refuse. Plus, medical insurance is a MUST. And then you need a trailer, and another truck to pull it because you can't just walk around the streets by home.
I'm not bitter or anything, just sore from the "fun" we had riding Lahontan this weekend. At least I can walk now....Funny how the wife never said anything about horses until after we married....
I've discovered that boats are like cars. The first one you buy is usually the best.

Our first boat was a cheap little open bow bayliner with a 4cyl Volvo motor and a V/P outdrive. It did everything just fine, as long as you don't mind going SSSLLLLOOOOOWWWWWWW...

It had a closed cooling system, so no flushing the engine required, the outdrive was stupid simple and bulletproof and the rest of the boat was junk so you didn't care about the upholstry. It was great, you could cruise all day on 10 gallons of gas. It was hard to find parts for, but it rarely broke anything.

Contrast to the new boat.

I was sick of going slow, so I bought one with a blown up motor. Then, of course I couldn't just put in a stock replacement. That means I had to buy lots of parts to swap in something I already owned. Then I find out that the Cobra outdrives have troubles with shifting, on comes another fix and on and on and on.....

Now it's time to test n tune the new combo. I've gone up 4 stages in jetting from what I though would be good and it's still too lean. Guess I'm making more power than I thought...

At least I'm down to the fun part, where you drive it around and test it to see how fast it will go. So far it's fast enough to be spooky, but not scary. That might be good for awhile..

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