For Sale isuzu 4bd2t 1994

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Apr 13, 2012
Greensburg PA.
United States
Good running isuzu 4bd2t. I pulled this engine with the previous owner out of the npr it came in.
Pa. rust decommissioned the truck. I test ran this engine for no longer than 30 seconds after changing oil and oil filters and fuel filters. It may have sat for about a year without the truck being ran.

I have the video of the test run i can text if someone wants. Not much smoke after a few seconds and sounded good. There is a small oil leak in the pan/pan seal idk where.

Not much rust on it, its in good shape.

about 190k miles on this engine.

Turbo sounded good when it ran.

I can ship if you help arrange it. I will pallet safely and can either load on a truck or drive it down to a shipping facility if its not too far away. My welding shop has tractor trailer access.

Engine will come with automatic transmission flywheel setup (not the actual transmission). The only thing you will need is a pilot bearing or pilot bushing depending upon what type tranny you want to run. It was pulled from the truck set up as a manual, and I wanted the manual flywheel setup so I took a auto setup from my parts engine and swapped the parts out (parts are good condition) I just couldn't for the life of me get the pilot bushing out of the other engine with my slide hammer.

This engine comes with a intercooler ( that I took from same truck) !!!

Has pretty much all required engine parts. turbo, alternator, starter, ...

Id like $1600

email is responded to quick and then maybe we can talk on the phone about it or ill send you some photos.

I got like 7 engines in a deal and I'm keeping 2 4bd1t and 1 4bd2t engines form myself for right now.

If anyone is interested in a running 4d34 1at with about 160k miles on the clock (has manual tranny) i may be selling this one sometime coming up too.
sold via ebay for 1900 without intercooler

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