ISO: 80 Series Stock Fuel Tank

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Feb 20, 2017
Tucson, AZ
Hello All,

I have had some great luck with the Parts Gods that past few years, and I dearly hope I can eek out another one. I need to find a stock fuel tank for my 1997 LX450. I installed a Manefre 38 gallon tank when I did my LS swap and I am almost over it completely. The tank is great when you just need to knock out a gob of flat road miles, but when running Crown King this past weekend with teh tank almost full, every time I climbed up a steep grade, I would spew fuel out of the vent and gas cap. The tank is just so long that it doesn't take too extreme an angle to put the filler neck low enough for fuel to rush out. There is a reason Toyota used two small tanks instead of one big one.

So that said, I need to find a stock tank. I gifted mine to another mud user that needed to replace his rusted one. If you have a parts rig, I can come remove the tank. If you want to let it go for trade or a reasonable price, I am open to all that too. I just need to swap back to a stock tank to confirm that is the direction I want to go before letting go of my Manafre.

Jason 501-772-6109

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