Is this Bantam trailer worth saving?

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Aug 9, 2007
Reading, MA
I can pick this up for about $150, but is it worth saving? I don't know much about them. I know that is from WWII and that the frame is solid. What do you guys think?



I'd say pass, there isn't a 150 bucks worth of "keeper" on it, that bed is toast. The frame would cost you 100 bucks in steel at MOST.

Just my .02
Offer to take it to the recycler for him then order a new floor and weld the sides back together, new bearings and tires and away you go.

Seriously, if the sides are not in too bad shape and the frame is not rotten I might be inclined to give it a go for the right price. You can get repro sheet for the bad panels and drop any type of floor in it. It would be really expensive to restore it to original but you could make it a very nice camp trailer out of it.
I am going to see it today. He swears only the floor is rotten. My plan is to use it as a camping trailer.
Here, that is worth far more to a collector, than to someone who wants a cheep camper trailer.
As someone who owns 2 Ford GPWs - a 1942 and a 1944, It breaks my heart to see an original Bantam trailer butchered.
Please, do someone a favour, and if you dont intend on restoring it, leave it for someone else.
Its like when Im at an auction bidding for something I want, and Im bidding against someone who only sees a pile of steel or aluminium they can take to the scrap merchants!
They make crappy camper trailers anyway.

Hope that didnt come across too harsh - but you did ask what I thought.

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It's repairable. But, you need to add up the costs of all the individual replacement parts.

I'll bet dollars to donuts that the cost of all the replacement parts will exceed what a decent trailer would cost.

Replacement panels are OK if you only use one. If you use several, the price gets out of control quickly. And I can't tell if the lunette assembly is intact. Those parts aren't cheap either.
Check on the condition of the frame and lunette assembly,, If you could get him down to say an even hundred and the lunette assembly is complete,, you could sell that in parts or in whole to a collector for about 2-250.. If the fenders are good,, and the p-brake is still good,, you might be able to make some scratch on it to fun a new build.. I sold my 416 recently,, but I sold the lights, wheels and wire harness to some collectors and then sold the whole trailer and doubled my $..
Just food for thought..
The Bantam was the civilian version and I don't think it ever had a lunette. Should have come from the factory with the standard hitch.

Also, it is not uncommon for the floors to rot out. This one is obviously very bad but if you replaced it with an old truck bed that you cut to size it would be much stronger than original. There was a guy on the forum who did what I am talking about.

I'm not saying you should buy it but I would consider it if you have some fab skills and access to cheap materials. Also, I doubt the guy is firm on the price.
It was my understanding that some Bantams were made to full mil spec and supplied but the contracts were given to other co's that could go full production quicker.. Bantam still made them post war, those had a ball coupler,, and pre war had the pintle.. The m416 pintles seem to go for about $100-150 complete with landing leg, Canadians 101's from $50-75(more of them and less historical value) and depending on which wwII version those can go over $300 if complete.. The landing legs have gone over $100 on their own on ebay.. Its like the chains from WWII there are several different sets and to the guys that restore them NOS ones are big money..
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