Is it worth fixing and keeping

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Apr 23, 2007
My sister-in-law is giving me an 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser that has approx. 75,000 miles on it. The transmission needs to be replaced. There is some moderate rusting. It will need a major tune up, fuel filter change, brake inspection, etc. The interior is in alright condition. The drivers seat is beaten up bad.
My question is, is this vehicle worth putting a rebuilt transmission in and basically making it worth driving again.


If the transmission is stuck in gear, you may only need a shift seat. It's a 3.00 part, takes about a half hour to install. You're at the exact mileage where my old 60 had the same problem.
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If you end up needing one, you can buy a used 4-speed long H42 here on MUD for a pretty reasonable price.

Just post in the Wanted section.

How rusty is the rig? If it's rusted out you could make a wheeler out of it.
i would say it's entirely worth keeping. i seriously doubt the tranny is in that bad of disrepair with only 75K on the clock.

not sure where you are, but look for a good local cruiser mechanic and get an opinion on it. there is a sticky thread in the 60 forum root.

as for the seats, that's minor too. you can fit some other seats entirely or find a replacement stocker from someone parting out a truck. a major tuneup, including valve check and adjust should cost you <$200. you can change all fluids yourself, and the fuel filter is literally a 2 minute job and a $5 part.
I believe the transmission works somewhat on a flat surface, but we live on an island where there are a lot of hills. I think it goes in reverse, but forward up a hill it struggles to make it up.
Can anyone recommend an online source to find a used low mile transmission?:confused:
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Is this an automatic tranny?
Is it worth fixing or keeping?

Yes, this tranny is an automatic transmission.
i have never heard of a 440 automatic worn out at 75,000 miles is the tranny fluid clean or did your sister inlaw abuse it
If I change the tranny filter and the fluid, that possibly could be the solution to the sluggish forward and reverse motion?
I know that the filter has not been changed and the fluid too.

You mentioned that OrangeFJ45 has the entire kit. How can I email him because I don't see his reply within my thread.


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