Is it possible to mount steering damper on TLC95?

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Jan 5, 2007

I have 1997 TLC 95 and I orders 2" suspension lift. I'm planning to put 165/75/16 Goodyear MTR tires. Because bigger tires will load up the steering system I wish to put steering damper if possible. I cannot find any info on mounting steering damper on TLC95.
Is it possible at all?

Thanks for any help!
I hope you mean 265/75/R16 because 165's would make a nice pizza cutter. I've got MTR's on mine and no problems with the steering at all.

Yep, I meant 265.

Thanks for the info fellas!
I have 265/75R16 Yokohama all terrains on mine and find them no probs at all.

I spose you could fit steering dampers to the front end, but seeing as it is R&P ---> how much money you have would be the limiting factor.

I guess if you got the right size (length) damper then you might be able to mount one between the tie rod end near the wheel and mount the other end to the chassis somewhere.

You'd probably need two, one for each side and then it may not work anyway. Interesting thinking about it tho.

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