Iron Pig Free Shipping to Fall Gathering!

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Wicked Pissah Cruisah Haulah a NLC.
Feb 3, 2008
South Shore, MA
Iron Pig is once again a huge sponsor this year.

Even cooler than that though is they had such a blast last year they are heading north again for our event.

Lance offered free shipping on goods to the Fall Gathering but had asked that they avoid shipping large powdercoated items to avoid scratch and dent issues.

Take advantage of this and call the guys at 1-866-Iron-Pig and support a company that not only supports us, but wheels with us also!
Lance and Iron Pig are top notch!
Awesome....I may be ordering some Longfields!
Iron Pig!!! Can't wait to see the Piggy V8 buggy vs. "field and forest". Gonna be awesome :)

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