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Apr 23, 2013
Huge thanks to Woody for making this sub-section. We've had scattered threads about the rallies in the past, and this way we can have them all in one place.

If you haven't been, the rallies are like mini-Overland Expos, but regional, and a bit more casual. We currently have three separate shows:

NW Overland Rally - In Leavenworth WA
BC Overland Rally - In Whistler BC
Rocky Mountain Overland Rally - In Gunnison CO

We will make separate threads for each show, and one of the things we'd be happy to do for each show if there is interest, is to set aside a designated area for IH8MUD forum members, to allow folks to meet in person, not just online.

The other thing we are happy to facilitate is using the rallies as a bit of a "swap meet", so you can make a post like "I have an ARB winch bumper to fit an 80 series, $XX, and I can bring it to X Rally".

Anything else anyone wants to do to make the events fun, please shoot me a PM.




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