Intermittent Noise or Vibration at HWY Speeds after driving for 1hr +

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Oct 16, 2014
Southern Outer Banks
Hello all,

I have searched on this and not really found anything that applies.

I have a 2003, 190,000 miles. Recent work done, new tires and new steering rack. Outside of that the only work done other than PM has been a DT Exhaust, cat back, and Airlift 1000 bags. She drives very smooth, straight as an arrow no shimmies at any speed, just solid good ride all the way around. I do a lot of road trips in her and the last couple of trips I get this weird noise after about an hour or so of driving. It is in the rear, as far as I can tell, around 63 MPH. It is gone as soon as I let up off the gas or accelerate past 65 and will sometimes come back. It is not all the time, and it sounds like a wind vibration or exhaust noise.

I have crawled all over the vehicle, had it on the lift at my buddy's shop this week, and I can't find anything that would point to this noise.

Like I said it only happens after some drive time but is easy to make go away. If it starts, I can make it come back by slowing down or speeding up to @ 63. Completely confused here... Could it be CATS breaking up and only happening after it warms up? But why would it not be all the time?

Any thoughts would be appreciated
I'd definitely try greasing both driveshafts and if you have the time, remove the rear shaft (be sure to mark it for realignment) and clean the splines of the slip yoke.

I am currently battling a vibration but it's coming from my aftermarket CV shafts.
Might be a Wheel bearing. Or a really small crack in the driveshaft. That happened to my moms vehicle there was a noise that only started at a certain speed and not every time. We removed the shaft and there was a small crack on the yoke.
Thanks, @K5Guy and @STIGPIG

I was able to get some lift time last night at my buddy's shop. I did a complete inspection of the underneath, much easier to do standing up than laying on your back! Looks amazing under there for a 190,000 mile vehicle.. We both could see nothing of concern from a visual perspective. What I did was grease and lube everything I could drivetrain wise. Took it for a test drive with him as I wanted another opinion and of course I could not get it to make the noise. To both of your points if this doesn't help then I am going to drop the drive shaft and look there.

Thanks again.....
Possible vibration caused by the removal of that weight that hangs from the frame on the driver's side? Long shot, but would be easy to test.
Possible vibration caused by the removal of that weight that hangs from the frame on the driver's side? Long shot, but would be easy to test.

I did not think to check that when I had it up on the lift. Easy enough to check though and worth a look. On a work trip so when I'm back on Friday I have a 2 hr drive and will check prior... Hoping the lube job did it but I will check this as well.

Thank you!
Well, it was certainly much better but I did get it to occur again. I think next to going to drop the drive shaft . Any maintenance suggestions while I tackle that? I may drop the exhaust as well my gut says there could be a leak I just can't see somewhere...

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