Interior Door Sills Plus Plastic Trim Removal

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Jul 29, 2019

In an interest to throuroughly deep clean the '13 LX570 I want to remove the door sills and plastics pictured. Lots of dirt and grime are wedging in there. Plus I'm interested in polishing the aluminum tread plates. Has anyone removed these previously? How did you do so?


front: pull straight up. unplug the connector to the lighted logo (if equipped). remove

rear: pry plug out with small screwdriver (plug is round on lc, rectangular on lx), unscrew bolt (10mm) pull up. remove
front: pull straight up. unplug the connector to the lighted logo (if equipped). remove

rear: pry circle plug out, unscrew bolt (10mm) pull up. remove

That's for the tread plates, correct? How about the surrounding plastic?
It is all one assembly held down with tabs that insert into corresponding slots.





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As I recall, those smaller narrower plastic pieces pry right up too.
Get a cheap set of plastic pry tools at pep boys or Amazon.

This goes for all interior trim
Look all around for trapdoors or plugs as there may be a screw

Everything else is clips.
Work slow and deliberately
If you not sure pry it open a little and use a flashlight to peek behind.
Some panels slot/slide into place and then clip in so watch for those. Removal would be opposite. Pry loose the clips then slide off.

For your foot kick panel that just prys up. Toward the front there are tabs that go under the dash piece and tabs that slot into the drivers side kick panel. And if lighted there will be a wire connector underneath. (This is how my LC200 is assembled and LX should be 90% that same)

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