Interesting Cruiser with Cummings Conversion

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May 14, 2005
Edmond, OK
Wow, definitely piques my interest. Wonder if the 6 cylinder cummins would fit? Talk about a power wagon if it did!
Cool little project. He's right about those 4 cyl Cummins motors though... I've heard they are real shakers... what are they used in normally?
I am guessing he will get at least what he wants out of it. It appears to be a nice conversion. There were 2 60/62 series with a Cummins conversion a few weeks ago, one was just a typical nice rig and it brought close to $20,000, the other was an expedition set-up, really nice and I think it brought around $23,000. I think he is hurting his sale by being so honest about the engine. I didn't even consider the Cummins for a swap because of the noise, way too much for a daily driver, just pull up next to a Frito Lay delivery truck sometime at a light and imagine what it is like in the cab, great engine though.
guy sounds honest
conversion looks well done

what's with this need for cetane boost?

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