Interesting 40 on Raleigh Craigslist

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that is a steal someone better jump on it
I would if I had a few grand burning a hole in my pocket. Don't you need another 40 Juan???
You know what they say, if it looks to good to be true...

Unfortunately, it is a scam.
dam scam...looked to good to be true....
Please elaborate....
SCAM...........................SEE BELOW


The Jeep is located in Knoxville Tennessee. It has all the papers as well as the service book. The jeep has 69K miles on board, does not drip, leak, lean, smoke, pull to one side, vibrate, or make funny noises. It has never been in ANY wreck, the alignment is perfect, it tracks smooth at any speed.

It has a clear title and it will be signed and notarized on your name as soon as the payment will be completed. I want this transaction to be as smooth as possible as I am caught in the middle of some very important events and have very few time at my disposal. The price is $4,200.00 including shipping costs anywhere in the continental US and insurance charges. Since my brother in law works at DAS and he promised me that it will cost me nothing to ship it to you.

Regarding the payment I am aware of the buyer's protection and we will use SquareTrade vehicle purchase protection program which will hold the payment until you receive the jeep. To complete payment you must have cash available.

If you are ready to purchase this jeep please provide me the following information's :

-your full name and address for shipping

-your phone #

Once again I apologies for requesting this but I need to be sure I am dealing with interested people as I really don't have much time to spear.

Joyce Frenson
AOL now offers free email to everyone.
yep, I've seen a lot of those on eBay. Everyone just "happens" to have a relative that works for an auto shipper...
Spammers, there has to be something we can do to them (cut off their balls)

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