intake manifold f/s

Jan 28, 2004
Claremont, CA
Intake manifold for Chevy 350. Edelbrock model EDL-2101. New, installed, then removed for TBI system. Never even mounted a carb on it. Summit gets $114.88 new. Summit Description:
>>>Low-end torque with improved throttle response.
Edelbrock Performer intake manifolds are low-rise, dual-plane designs with patented runner tuning and a 180 degree firing order you won't find with the competition. This combination boosts torque over a wide rpm range, from idle to 5,500 rpm. These manifolds also deliver improved throttle response over stock intakes and are available in both EGR and non-EGR styles. Many are 50-state street legal. <<<

$50.00 plus the ride from 92626 via UPS.


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