Installing F air cleaner on 2F....

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Dec 21, 2004
I got my F type aircleaner to put on my 68/69 pig that has a 2F engine. I am a little nervous about removing head bolts on an engine this old ('77), since there seems to be a chance of breaking them. Some questions:

1. Any way to minimize the possibility of breakage?

2. Will the 2F head bolts be long enough once the air cleaner mount is attached?

3. Any alternate method of attachement that doesnt involve head bolt removal?
who's breaking head bolts?:eek: i've never had a problem, but maybe that's just me. might try spraying pb blaster or kroil on a few times a couple days before you try to get them out.
ok I did it and no problems. I just have trepedation about snapping head bolts.....

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