Installation questions for Warn 8274 install

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Jul 16, 2016
I've been rebuilding a 1980 8274 and am at the point of looking how to install it on my '88 BJ75. To start, I can find surprisingly little images of winch mount plates for the 8274 on a 70 series. Are there companies out there selling these? I'll probably end up fabbing one from scratch since I want something that I can bolt the stock bumper to, but am interested to see what mounting solutions other people have come up with, especially how they securely bolted it to the chassis.

In terms of switches, I'd like to keep those stock looking as well. I plan to use a defrost switch as the on/off and some sort of 2 position switch for in/out. I assume the FJ60 antenna switch will work, are there any other oem 2 position switches for the 70 that might get the job done, wiper interval perhaps?

I'll post some pictures once I start the install, still tearing into the winch itself at the moment.

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