Inner front fender

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Jan 30, 2015

I bought a 2001 Land Cruiser a couple of months ago. When working on the front drive axles I noticed that the inner front fender on the passenger side does not look the same as the driver side. It seems to be missing a protective part on the front side of the fender to protect the back of the head light unit from debris trown up by the tires. I have attached two pictures which were taken from above the tire facing to the front.
The first picture shows the driver's side inner fender which shows a plastic box which is protecting the back side of the head light.
The second picture shows the passenger side which does not have the plastic "box" and you are able to see the cable to the head light.
My question is: Is this normal? Or is there a part missing on the passenger side of my truck?

Drivers side:

Passnger side:

Mine is the same. I have more covers in the driver side than the passenger side aside from the windshield fluid reservoir.

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