Wanted inner axle seal installer

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Mar 25, 2005
United States
I need an inner axle seal installer (for 80s). I know Marlin Crawler is selling it. But it doesn't seem to justify to pay $11 shipping for a $14 tool. Does anyone have used one for sell, or even better willing to share an idea (with measurement) for a home made one? (Just order the seals but not received yet, so I don't know that's the measurement). Thanks.
Simple ABS reducer coupler with another reducer and a cap.

The small white reducer fits the axle seal perfectly. You cannot drive it to deep.
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The OD of the pipe pevents you from driving the big seal to deep. If you think you might drive it to deep, put the cap on.

That's a creative idea! :cheers:
i have the marlin install tools in stock at all times. $20 shipped. :wrench:
When used to drive the Big seal. Use a hammer big enough that it will not go in the small reduce. Make sure you do not smash the lip or raised area on the flatish side of the seal.

Very nice. One tool for both seals (assuming the larger end is for wheel bearing seal ). :clap:
fwiw, the marlin driver also works for installing the trunion bearing races. :)

for the rest of the seals and bearing races, i use a bearing/seal driver set. they're sold in plastic, aluminum and steel versions. i have an aluminum set and it's held up well for the last 10 years but a couple of the drive flanges are getting worn so i'm gonna step up to a steel set. then again, i probably use the driver set more frequently than most mudders.


georg @ valley hybrids
Most auto parts stores have them in their loaner programs....I borrowed a set from o'riellys auto parts.
The Newly Designed Marlin Inner Seals have a Lip so you can not put them in to deep, I just installed a set last night with a buddy, the design looks even better than the previous HD seals ive got in my rig! i just used a small section of pipe 1 3/4" i think

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