Injector cleaning in Raleigh

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Jan 5, 2012
Can anyone recommend a shop to clean injectors in Raleigh. I know I could send them out to Witch hunter or RC but I need them back really fast. Thank you
Are you talking gas injectors or diesel injectors?

For diesel injection systems, go with Chason Diesel in Garner, hands down.
Sorry, I doing my gas 80. I am pulling intake to do vsv and I figured if I could maybe get same day service local, I would do injectors
Terry and Ramon used a place in Florida I believe. Fairly cheap, with shipping and they seem to have done a good job.
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In NJ, and will do same day turnaround / overnight shipping for the right price. Always happy with the service - used them for my boat and the 2FE project.

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I used Injector Man in FL. Good job, quick turnaround, however I do not know if they have same day service.

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