Indoor Soccer Anyone? (Triangle)

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Jan 15, 2008
Hey Guys/Gals

I'm looking at getting a coed indoor soccer team together for the upcoming summer league.

I've got about 6-8 guys & girls to get out there with me, but am looking for a few more.

Team registration is $750, so the more we have the cheaper it is (probably want to cap it around 15 or so though, but that's up for debate)

I think we will likely play down in Apex (more games for the $$) @ Dreamsports Center. (there are 2 other places in town, but have smaller fields or shorter season)

Let me know if you are interested cause we need to move fast, the season starts on May 18th and lasts through July 24th. Game nights are tbd, but will likely be Tue, Wed, or Thurs.

Post up!
He's a Ringer!
Man, I wish I lived closer. My Triangle HS soccer team made some noise back in the day...
the last time i played soccer was about 15 years ago...i was a right-footer but i played left-wing...never figured that out. anyways, i don't even know if i can dribble the ball anymore, but what level of players do you have already...i wouldn't want to crutch the team.
We're definitely not a team of Pele's, but everyone is mostly decent players (some played in college others in HS, some neither but has experience). Most everyone is in their late 20s/early 30s. We're playing in the Intermediate League, so it should be relatively challenging.

We have 10 people signed up right now, we likely have room for one or two more. PM me your email address and I can send you more info if you want to play. Right now it looks like $75 per person.
If I didn't live an hour away I would be in...I played up until college and always loved playing indoors when I go tthe chance. Damn.

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