In need of advice.

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Jan 20, 2015
Wasilla, Alaska
I am a young man who currently lives in Alaska and has to work in the harsh winter cold right outside of my garage to work on my new vehicle (Thanks to my girlfriend). I own a 1973 fj40 and am in need of advice. I want to take the body off. I want to make sure i am going to be properly combating the frame rust and the undercarriage rust by doing so. Though i have moderate knowledge when it comes to mechanics i am unfamiliar with taking off a body of a vehicle . So i am worried and also unenlightened on how to easily take off the body. Any advice would be appreciated. I am making this truck my project so i will frequently be asking questions and hope for solid advice. I can upload pictures as well if requested. I am a new member to IH8MUD and am excited to see some helpful responses. Thank you.
Welcome to the madness. Your best bet is to start looking and reading

This is a general forum, you need to spend some time in the 40s forum ! Have F U N ! There is much to learn and many articles to read.

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