Impromtu Stampede Trip Anyone?

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Club President, Battle Born Cruisers
Mar 6, 2010
Reno, NV
Hey guys! I am heading to Verdi and up Henesey Pass to see how things look in Dog Valley and Stampede. I'll be heading out in about two hours. Does anyone wanna meet me at Cabela's and head up with me?
Welp. It was beautiful! The Bronco did a lot better on the 33x12.50 Patagonia M/T tires. My goal (for the third time in since I moved here!) was to make Verdi Peak. I was 12 mins away when I hit the snowline and was turned back by 4 feet of unbroken snow pack. I wasn't feeling that adventurous on my own. Maybe next time. Here's some shots. Of course I forgot me DSLR, so my Pixel 2 had to due...






Beautiful shots!! I missed your post by a couple of hours. I realize I don't own an LC, or know anyone in this group (Not sure if this was a prerequisite) But I may try and join you next time, as this seems like a stock 470 may be "Okay," Although it's a few hours from home for me.
For what seems to be a cell phone camera, that thing does wonders!!
Thanks! :) A little doctoring in Lightroom helps ;)

Our group is welcoming to just about anyone who is "good people" and has a 4wd. They tolerate my Beater Bronco after all! :deadhorse:

We have had Nissans, Colorados, and even some Wranglers and Cherokees ride along with us.

You are more than welcome to come with me whenever I go out. I am probably going to coordinate another trip up to Stampede with some friends, you and everyone else is welcome to come. It won't be until mid-to-late July.

Here's some shots from my drive through South Meadows. I didn't forget my good camera today.



Nice shots Tony. You really capture the Nevada Blue sky. I usually don't look a t this forum from Friday PM til Monday am so I missed your invite. Was out doing some Bronco canyon. The way in is now a gatekeeper for most rigs. Had a blast.

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