iKamper Mounting Brackets on CVT tent? (1 Viewer)

Feb 11, 2020
Franklin, TN

Just purchased a CVT Shasta Hybrid. Not sure when it will be available as the salesperson I talked to said every single tent in the company had been sold. That being said, I was able to go ahead and purchase and get the 25% off Black Friday deal and wait until it arrives.

I will be installing the tent on a Prinsu rack and looking for mounting options. The CVT guy mentioned the Prinsu mounting feet which I'm familiar with. However, the iKamper mounting bracket 2.0 looks very easy and quick to use. Apparently, the top piece goes in the channel on the tent and then you turn one socket head screw to clamp it to a crossbar.


Does anyone have experience using it with a CVT tent and if so, what was your opinion?

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