For Sale Iguana Off Road Truck ATV Toyota Platform

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United States
For sale is this very cool custom built ATV that is an Iguana Demo truck.
The truck is located in Northeast Corner of Nebraska. Asking price is $8,000.00 or Best offer.

This truck has an 84" Wheel base, with a very low center of gravity. It is a Fuel Injected Toyota 22RE...Runs all day long at 180 Degrees and is very fuel efficient. Currently has an automatic transmission in it. This truck will follow the expensive trucks at a fraction of the cost.

There is 14.5 inches of clearance under the axles, and 21 inches under the frame. Overall height is 6 foot 2 inches and 12 feet long. Truck is a 2 passenger vehicle with 4 point harnesses.

The truck is running polished aluminum American eagle wheels with a set of 36 x 12.50 Goodyear wranglers for tires. The truck does very well in mud, water, sand, and rocky terrain. Keep in mind, this truck was not built to be a full blown rock crawler, and should have some extra supports put on the cage if that is your intention.

The truck was built on a 1987 Toyota chassis, and it still retains the independent front axle, and torsion bar suspension. This was left in because the truck has a much smoother ride on the trails. The truck does retain its Toyota Title, and I have a 2nd one that I hooked all the lights up on and licensed it, and made it street legal.

Email me with any questions you might have.

Impressive setup. I've wheeled behind a silver one (based on an '88 iirc) during the last few gatherings. Very stable and capable. After adding a locker this year he pretty well breezed through the obstacles we were sweating.

As requested here are some more pics....Just took them this afternoon.



ask me, the diffs are part of the axle and the lowest part where the measurement outta be taken..........:rolleyes:

anyhow, bump for what looks like a fun little rig to bomb around the trails. :steer:

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