Idle stumble--Holley 500

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Sep 26, 2005
Inland Empire
OK. I know that the first problem I going to hear about is the Holley, and you are probably right. But mostly it runs alright......mostly. Actually it runs sweet but it is a bit fussy. I bought a manual for it last week, but it is not that good as far as troubleshooting and tuneup goes, it is more for rebuild. The problem is the idle is inconsistent even when warmed up. Sometimes it seems just fine, sometimes it will quit, however it has only quit soon after warm up. If I drive it for 1/2 hour, all seems fine. I'm going check plugs, vacuum lines, float, whatever else is obvious to someone like me with limited carb understanding, tommorrow. Hoping for some opinions and troublshooting ideas from you all.
FYI: 2F is desmogged, 18,000 on new rebuild, plugs, wires. Thanks for the help.
I bet vacuum

Holleys are good carbs. The 500 is a bit big but works alright
Everything was in place and how it should be. Simply cleaned and lubed linkages/cables and all is well.
Thanks for the input.

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