Ideal wheel/rim size?

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Oct 5, 2010
I am looking into replacing the Enkei Deep Six 20" rims on my Tundra for something I wont mind getting scuffed on the trail and to give me more rubber for traction and the ability to air down effectively.

What is generally considered the 'ideal' rim size, 16", 17", 18" or is there such a thing?

For 35" and smaller tire I'd go with a 16" rim. There's quite a few aftermarket rims in 16x8, and the OEM rims are usually 16x7 or 16x8. The tire choices and variety are very strong in the 16" rim world.
OEM 16'' are the best AFAIK. 16'' puts you into Load Range E tires, and IMO 17'' is too big.
Ideal rim size to me is one that clears your caliper assemblies what ever year tundra you have and then I check tire price to see what is the least expensive for the same brand/model of tire.
16 inch is likely the most common size now as I think an 18" + is just going to cost you more cash.
I would also maybe assume that a 16 inch rim gives you a wider sidewall which should offer a better ride than running a 20" + rim with a small side wall. Can a guy air down a 20" rim if you have a low profile tire on it?
Alright, I'm back on this topic. Thanks for the responses. :clap:

New question in the same vein, as far as the metal the wheel is made of, which is better and why? OEM Steels, ALuminum, etc?

I am presuming steel for off road use beause they are stronger. Does the metal used in the wheel deserve any consideration as far as hiway use? This is still my DD.



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